The world is increasingly digital, are your assets?

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The future of assets is digital, Credas Capital can help.

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Combining over a century of experience managing financial and digital assets, Credas Capital is led by a team of experienced traders, bankers and business people skilled at identifying opportunities and equipped to help you harness the potential of digital assets

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What we do

Leveraging sophisticated trading algorithms, Credas Capital’s flagship Super Crypto 15 ETP combines the best of active management with automation using sniper bots to automatically capitalize on opportunities in the digital asset markets 24/7

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Trading only the Top 15 digital assets in a publicly-listed exchange traded product or ETP on the SIX Swiss Exchange provides you with the liquidity, institutional-grade risk management, counterparties and confidence your digital asset investment deserves

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Ready to cash-in on the digital asset revolution?

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Opportunities in Digital Assets?

Anyone familiar with the technology cycle will be amazed at the speed with which blockchain and cryptocurrencies evolve.

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Reasons to bank on digital assets

Find out how digital asset investments performed during the pandemic and why we think investing in digital assets are a proxy for the future.

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