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Credas Capital GmbH is a joint venture between Singapore-listed conglomerate Alset International, with interests in electric vehicles, real estate development, telemedical and asset management, and Novum Alpha, a leading digital asset quantitative trading firm with the goal of combining Alset International’s deep and broad experience in the capital markets with Novum Alpha’s algorithmic digital asset trading strategies.

A proven track record in creating shareholder value

Alset International Ltd (SGX: 40V) is a Singapore-listed conglomerate with interests in real estate development, electric vehicles, organic farming, asset management and cryptocurrency mining. Given its depth of experience in a wide variety of businesses, Alset International is uniquely positioned to leverage its expertise to capitalize on opportunities in the digital asset markets.

A decade of experience trading digital assets

Novum Alpha is a leading digital asset management firm whose founders have been trading cryptocurrencies since 2012. Helping clients navigate the cryptocurrency markets with an analytical and quantitative approach, Novum Alpha melds years of experience employing proven strategies that can adapt to the dynamic digital asset markets and operates several digital asset funds under licensed structures.

Because Experience Matters

With over a century of experience combined, Credas Capital is led by seasoned professionals with a proven track record

and a depth of experience trading financial and digital assets, building businesses for long-term growth.

Chan Heng Fai

Managing Director, Credas Capital GmbH
Executive Chairman, Group CEO, Alset International Ltd

An accomplished global business veteran of more than 58 years, Mr. Chan Heng Fai specializes in financial restructuring and corporate transformation to unlock value and unleash entrepreneurial zeal while managing risk. He has successfully restructured more than 35 corporations in different industries and countries of which five alone command a combined total market cap of over US$19.9 billion and bring in profits of over US$1 billion per annum.

In his 58 years in business, Mr. Chan spots trends and unlocks value where other investors fear to tread, and digital assets are no different. Over almost six decades he has achieved:

Danny Lim

Director, Credas Capital GmbH
Senior Vice President, Alset International Ltd

Danny is Senior Vice President for Business Development at Alset International Ltd and is involved in front-line work on all aspects of business development for the conglomerate. He is in-charge of all aspects of research on potential M&As and investments in companies and is responsible for identifying new projects and appropriate terms for investment or joint venture. A specialist in restructuring and strategic positioning planning and execution for the group, Danny graduated from Singapore Nanyang Technological University with a bachelor’s degree with Honors in Business, specializing in Banking and Finance.

Christopher Low

Director, Credas Capital GmbH
Chairman, Novum Alpha Pte. Ltd. 
Portfolio Manager, PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, investor and trader with over two decades of experience in technology, having successfully founded and sold multiple companies including Pendulab, a web-based collaboration software company, Viwawa, Southeast Asia’s largest casual gaming platform and SoftPay Mobile, Vietnam’s largest mobile point-of-sale company. An early investor in Bitcoin, Chris develops trading bots and algorithms that take advantage of market inefficiencies and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computing and information science from the National  University of Singapore.

Patrick Tan

Director, Credas Capital GmbH
CEO & General Counsel, Novum Alpha Pte. Ltd. 
Portfolio Manager, PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd.

Patrick bought his first Bitcoin in 2012 and was an early cryptocurrency investor. A lawyer by training, he was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor in 2005 and also a commercial airline pilot, flying the Boeing 777, Airbus A330 and A350 for Singapore Airlines. Specializing in blockchain technology law, Patrick was with one of Singapore’s top blockchain law firms and is a Monetary Authority of Singapore Authorized Representative for Fund Management. Patrick speaks regularly at cryptocurrency and investment events and his writing is featured in leading publications.

“In my almost six decades of experience in business and finance, the one constant has always been changing and adapting to new ideas as well as asset classes. Credas Capital has put together a team which embodies that commitment to continual learning, adapting and improving, to ensure that our digital asset investment products remain relevant not just today, but well into the future.”
Chan Heng Fai, Managing Director, Credas Capital GmbH

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