Our Mission

Digital assets may be complicated, but that doesn’t mean your investment needs to be. Our mission is to democratize access to digital assets through safe, profitable and liquid products that capture opportunities in the digital asset markets, by leveraging the sophistication of systematic trading algorithms proven in the financial markets.

Our Method

Because we believe in democratization of access to digital assets, Credas Capital offers actively managed digital asset investment products listed on some of the world’s largest stock exchanges providing unparalleled access to sophisticated institutional-grade solutions to investors with even the smallest budgets. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, there’s never been a better way to gain exposure and trade the volatility inherent in digital assets.

Our Mastery

The digital asset markets never sleep, so why should your investment? Using automated trading programs that have been developed over close to a decade by the Novum Alpha team, Credas Capital ensures that your digital asset investments don’t just sit around like a rock and stare at you. Instead, sniper bots scan the digital asset markets 24/7, scoping out opportunities and exploiting inefficiencies to generate returns even while you sleep.

Ready to cash-in on the digital asset revolution?

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