Super Crypto 15

The Super Crypto 15 (“SC15”) is an actively-managed exchange traded product or ETP, listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange that trades in the Top 15 digital assets. Investors can purchase the SC15 product through their banks or brokers just like they would for any other financial product. An ETP is a fully-collateralized debt instrument that allows investors to gain access and exposure to an actively-traded basket of digital assets.

Investment Objective

Digital assets may be volatile, but that doesn’t mean your investment needs to be. The Super Crypto 15 targets annualized returns of between 24% to 36%, from actively and automatically trading volatility and sniping opportunities in the Top 15 digital assets, over a 1 to 2-year timeframe.

Backtest Returns at a Glance (1 March 2021 – 28 February 2022)

Backtest Return (Annualized)
Sharpe Ratio (1 Year)
Backtest Drawdown

Backtest returns were derived from proprietary capital live-traded on digital asset exchanges but must be considered as a backtest. Please refer to the prospectus for the full set of risk disclosures. Backtest performance is not indicative of future returns and does not include the deduction of fees, had fees been deducted, the performance would have been lower.

Key Features

Automated Trading in 24/7 markets to capitalize on opportunities to generate profits as you sleep.

Active Management trades on momentum to profit from the volatility inherent in digital asset markets.

Sniper Bot determines ideal entry and exit of trades, scalping returns regularly and consistently.

Super Crypto 15 Key Facts
ISIN: CH116110630
Valor: 1161106
Produkt-Ticker: SC15
Management Fee: 2.0% per annum
Performance Fee: 20.0% (High Water Mark)
Base Currency: USD
Underlying: Top 15 Cryptocurrencies
Launch Date: Q2 2022
Issue Price: US$100
Listing Venue: SIX Swiss Exchange
Min. Trade Size: 1 Unit
Maturity: Open Ended
Legal Form: Exchange Traded Product
Strategy Type: Quantitative / Discretionary
Issuer: Credas Capital GmbH
Asset Manager Credas Capital Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Custodian: Copper Technologies Ltd (United Kingdom)
Administrator: Lanturn Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Auditor: Moore Stephens Expert (Zurich) AG
Paying Agent: ISP Securities AG
Calculation Agent: Invierno AB (Vinter)

How does it work?

Hold Cash when markets turn bearish to prevent crystalized losses.

Take Regular Profit when targets have been hit to ensure liquidity.

Dollar Cost Average where market conditions favor accumulation.